Caldeira is one of the world’s fastest growing home textile companies and has three divisions. Caldeira UK Ltd, the UK’s market leading cushion company. Caldeira China Ltd, a fast growing home textile manufacturing company known locally as Hao Sheng Textiles. Caldeira USA Inc, which sells products from Caldeira UK and Caldeira China to the North American market.

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Caldeira UK is based in Liverpool and leads the UK market in cushions, throws & seat pads. The company aims to find the best combination of product, quality, service and price for its volume retail clients.

Caldeira UK uniquely offers four distinct routes to market.

  • High quality, fashion led furnishings, manufactured in the UK from European fabrics
  • A just in time / ex-stock solution using fabrics from The Fabric Warehouse stores
  • Products made in China but designed, filled, warehoused & serviced in the UK
  • A managed “F.O.B.” service with products coming directly from Caldeira China
  • Contact International Key Accounts manager Rachel Griffiths on 0151 290 1038 or email

Caldeira China is a rapidly growing home textiles manufacturer which is based near Hangzhou. The company makes cushions, readymade curtains, throws and seat pads for volume retailers in over 20 countries worldwide.

Caldeira China, known locally as Hao Sheng Textiles has:

  • Knowledge - The joint venture company combines the best of east and west
  • Experience - Buy directly from the factory trusted by leading global retailers
  • Choice - The largest selection of home textile products you have ever seen
  • Value - Beautiful products, high quality, great service & competitive prices
  • Contact Sales Manager Sophia on +86 571 2626 6679 or email

Caldeira USA is a rapidly growing home fashions resource based at 230 5th Avenue New York. The company specialises in decorative pillows, throws & window fashions, manufactured in the group’s Chinese and UK factories.

Caldeira USA uniquely offers the following:

  • Choice - A huge selection of exclusive European and Chinese home fashions
  • Convenience - A permanently staffed showroom facility in the heart of New York
  • Flexibility - Products sold F.O.B. or via EDI,with pillows filled at source or in the US
  • The Perfect Combination - European style, American service & Chinese prices
  • Contact International Key Accounts manager Rachel Griffiths on +44(0)1512909090 or email


Caldeira UK is committed to the fair treatment of all workers. We have adopted the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code to underpin our policies in this area and this provides clear guidance as to the standards that Caldeira UK should be working towards. This policy applies to all sites operated by Caldeira Limited.

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